Take Three

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My first real attempt to build a temperature sensor that would be suitable to mount on the wall was not a success. The telephone coupler from a diy store was just to fiddly to fit the bits inside.

However, I still liked the idea so I tried these Junction Boxes from ScrewFix. I paid 4 pounds for five on the off chance they might be okay.

Well, they were better than okay. They were perfect. I cut a couple of small notches in the metal contacts running across the box and bent the legs of the DS19S20 sensors under and it worked - no soldering needed.

One-Wire Sensor Box Inside

To finish them off I just drilled a couple of small holes in the cover. (Hint: drill from the inside out - it leaves a better finish.)

One-Wire Sensor Box

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My First Temperature Sensor

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My Tech Supplies order [1] arrived today, so this evening I made up my first temperature sensor. We got a simple sensor working along the lines of the one described the web site for the digitemp software that we are using to read the sensors from the computer.

One-Wire Prototype, View A One-Wire Prototype, View B

Footnote: [1] Some people might be amused to know that it was my original intention to buy enough parts for five sensors. However, my failure to notice that the resistors were sold in units of 100 means that I now own what will probably turn out to be (more than) a lifetimes supply of 2200 ohm resistors! ;-)

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