Good price too

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4-Gang =
Brush Chrome Faceplate       11.40 
4 * 10A SP 2Way Push Switch  15.96  
4-Gang grid mounting frame    1.52
2-Gang back box               0.75
                             29.63 (34.82 inc. VAT)

2-Gang =
Brush Chrome Faceplate        5.95
2 * 10A SP 2Way Push Switch   7.98
2-Gang grid mounting frame    1.07
1-Gang back box               0.59
                             15.59 (18.32 inc. VAT)
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Great switches, Great service

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Well, I was impressed first thing yesterday morning when Tim from TLC got back to me to confirm the price of the faceplates (probably only minutes after MK sales had opened!). I was even more impressed when he phoned after lunch today to say that the switches, backboxes, etc had arrived. Absolutely brilliant service - well done Tim and co - if they only sold all the other things we need for our new house I think my life would be much easier!

Anyway, this is what our new switches look like:

MK switches

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Momentary switches!

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I don't think we are alone in having trouble sourcing momentary switches that actually look good. Someone seems to have spread a rumour that people spending hundreds of pounds on X10 modules have no taste and like really ugly switches.

Well, we've found two sources for nice switches. The first, we found when we got lost in London. Ideabright Ltd of 772-776 Fulham Road, SW6 5SJ, 020 7736 4014 sell Jung Switches. They look pretty good, but are quite expensive between 40 and 80 GBP per switch. There are also web rumours that they don't really fit very well on UK back boxes but I really can't confirm this.

The second source is TLC Direct. They have some MK Grid Switches on their web site. They look a little plain but not ugly and they were much cheaper. So we went to pick up some of these from the Southampton branch.

I am so glad we didn't just order online. The guy who served us was called Tim. He was very, very helpful and seemed genuinely keen to help us get what we really wanted for a fair price. We left having placed an order for some "push" switches with some brushed chrome faceplates. We might be tempted to go with the more expensive brushed stainless steel switches if we could be sure they matched.

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