Gorgeous lighting

I decided I couldn’t wait for the electricians to do the whole house in a few months time and I really had to know if the quite expensive LW12 2 Wire Dimming Micro Module were as good as I’d hoped.

I decided to try it on the switch in the bedroom. Unfortunately the back box was too small - as I later discovered this is true almost all the back boxes in the house. Of course, this didn’t put me off and I soon had a few live wires dangly out of the hole in the wall ready to try it out.

Wow! The soft start and dimming works brilliantly. It looks fantastic. It is tempting to leave it in place but even I had to admit the dangling wires weren’t really sensible. So, sadly, I had to put it all back the way it was.

I should point out that I tried to programme the switch over X10 house/unit codes without a physical switch attached. I had no luck doing this. However programming the codes with a switch attached worked first time.