More jabber bots

I spent a little time coding a Perl module to hide the details of bots. Had a little trouble with the Net::Jabber modules because I couldn’t find the XML stream socket to add to the select loop of the new module. I might email the author of the Net::Jabber modules to ask about this.

After converting the two existing modules, I decided to take a look writing a temperature monitor using the Dallas 1-Wire stuff, that I’d been trying to find time to look at for a few days. Fortunately Debian includes the digitemp package so it didn’t take long to get this working. The only problem was that it was worryingly hot in my computer room thanks to the current unusually hot summer weather.

While I’d been busy coding, I’d not noticed the problems with our ADSL link going up and down every thirty seconds. So I decided to write a monitor for the network interfaces on my firewall too. That took only a few minutes which means the modules I wrote are already helping.