Fancy lighting

Well, I wasn’t sure about having coloured lights when Tracy first talked about it, but now I definitely love the idea. The effects you can create are great. We’ve been experimenting lighting different objects - like the radiator covers in our living room - but the photos really don’t do them justice.

Radiator Cyan Radiator Purple

We’ve set up some neat controls based on this Colour Wheel.

Tracy’s ChromaDome, from A.C. Lighting, arrived this week. It’s going to be really neat when we have this installed lighting the tall space above the stairs.

Since we’re sold on the Pulsar Chroma range now, I cancelled the outstanding order for the DMX pinspot. (I don’t blame 10outof10 for not completing the order because I was told by other suppliers that they were impossible to get hold of when I placed the order in July.) Now we just need to decide what Chroma lights we are going to use to bring colour to the white walls of the kitchen.