Sumpod 3d Printer improvements

My Sumpod 3d printer now has several upgrades. I’ve upgraded the software to Marlin (Thanks to Stohn and Erik for the firmware.) This gives noticeable improvements in print quality and allows the printer to be driven a bit quicker.

I’ve upgraded the hardware adding:

  • an SD card reader (for printing without a computer),

  • an rotary encoder (knob) to control the printer and navigate the SD card, and

  • a speaker for feedback from the rotary encoder. (I’m planning to add beeps for error events in the firmware so it is more obvious when something goes wrong or when the printer is preventing me doing something stupid - like extruding when it is too cold.)

This morning I printed these coins for my children:

They are very happy with them. I uploaded the designs to Thingiverse as thing 23369 and thing 23374 respectively.

Most of my other prints have been things for the printer itself, such as a small mount for the SD card reader and a spool holder.