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Metric Cerberus delta 3d printer again

12 Jun, 2013 - 1 minutes
I’ve made a little more progress with my metric version of the Cerberus. I’ve used openscad to modify the bottom tripod brace part to make it fit my 40mm extrusions. The new part has a slightly different “clip” to match the different profile. It was a terrible job to do in openscad but it fits nicely: Since I printed another bottom tripod part I now had enough tripod parts (with my earlier top and bottom test prints) to line them up on a 200x200mm heat bed to get an idea of the scale of the finished printer footprint:

Metric Cerberus delta 3d printer

9 Jun, 2013 - 2 minutes
I’ve been fascinated by delta bot printers since I saw the first videos of a Rostock. I also seem to enjoy making 3d printers as much as printing with them so I’ve decided to build a metric version of the Cerberus1. The original Cerberus uses 1.5inch square aluminium extrusions, 8020 1515lite, which aren’t readily available in the UK so I’ve decided to make a metric version based around 40mm square extrusions from KJN, ITM02633: